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Advantages of HIS & ROI

Using a web-enabling tool like HATS or Host Publisher can make a big difference in a short period of time. There are lots of advantages to use such a tool:
  • Reduce new employee learning curve
  • Increase user productivity
  • No modifications to the legacy application
  • The web server and run anywhere
  • You can continue to access the legacy application directly
  • Develop takes weeks and not years
Using Host Access Transformation Server, you can wrap your host application “green screen” with Web-style borders and add headings, company logos, and links to other Web sites. Global text replacement on the host screen enables you to give your application a custom feel. Users can skip unnecessary host screens and be prompted for input. You can also choose to present any host screen element (such as host application function keys) in a fully interactive, Web-style output (such as links) and define where users will see the output in the application. HATS gives you the control to fully customize your host application and enhance the ways in which users work with applications.