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Educational Courses

We offer several courses designed to help make your host integration transition more manageable. Since knowledge of both web development and host integration is hard to come by, we have developed a series of classes to make solving both sides of this tricky equation a little easier. So why not learn from experts who design and implement host solutions on a daily basis?

For more information on course listings and class information, contact us.

Available Courses:
  • Host Publisher v4.0 Development (Model 1 or Model 2)
  • Converting your Host Publisher Application to MVC
  • HIF implementation for Host Publisher v4.0 (Model 2 only)
  • CVS implementation for Host Publisher v4.0 (Model 2 only)
  • Migrating Host Publisher 2.2.1/3.5/4.0 Applications to HATS 5
  • Migrating HATS 4 Applications to HATS 5